We specialize in different kinds of high-quality plastic injection moulds and related moulding services, always providing the most cost-effective way of design & manufacturing to meet customers’ requirements.

Injection mould

With the long time experience in mould design & making, we would follow DME, HASCO and customer specific standard strictly and pursue customer's satisfaction on each project, also take advantage of new technology to control cost and shorten cycle time. We make a wide range of moulds, from small precision one to large automotive moulds which up to 1250mm*1630mm*811mm and 13 tons, supporting many industries such as automotive, home appliance, telecom, medical and so on.

We are high-quality mould maker of:

• Single / Multi-cavity & family moulds
• Gas-assist moulds
• Hot runner systems moulds
• MUD moulds
• 2K mould and over moulds
• Stack moulds
• Thin Wall moulds
• Rapid prototype


Production & Assembly